Goals People Tools | aligned
Goals People Tools | aligned

transforming Ideas
into Solutions

  • Your Apps, Your Way
  • Faster than Light
  • Everything Fits
"Smartify Data, Apps & Teams"
Yamanu | Smart App Factory

Transform Data, Ideas, Requirements and Process Steps into human-friendly, smart and powerful Apps. Faster & Better.

"In a world of Information Overload Simplicity means preparing for Success"

Yamanu Apps are Fast to build, Easy to learn and Simple to use.

Software needs to help, not hinder alignment and execution of goals, people, steps and tools.

Adapt, change and grow, naturally.

Big Data and NoSQL add complexity and more work to understand your data.
Yamanu adds visibility to see everything at once, in context.

Top Benefits

Lowest Cost of Development

Save another 50% compared to other Low/No-Code Platforms. Save 95% flat compared to traditional Enterprise Application Development.

Lowest Cost of Change

Yamanu is made for change to adapt to your needs over time. Cost of Change is usually < 5%.

Legacy Systems are Welcome!

Your current IT reflects the Heart of your operations. It is very unique and it was not easy to get there. We understand! With Yamanu you have a TON of options to stay competitive.

Goals and People first

Yamanu was build to put Users first. Software needs to serve the Users - not the other way around. Be warned: Corporate alignment, Simplicity and Effectiveness may cause Happiness and increase true Productivity.

Balance Innovation and Compliance

Jump? Walk? Run? Moving forward or protecting status quo? Yamanu can help you balance long-term goals and flexibility, innovation and compliance. Omnidirectional.

Deploy Apps, not Systems

Yes, applications need to work in harmony. But that doesn't mean they need to be tightly implemented into one giant system. Deliver focused Business Functionality with Yamanu's built-in App Store.

Machine Learning built-in

Machine Learning highly depends on data representation and context, which may take weeks for other systems to implement. Yamanu's unique Information Access (IA) fits perfectly to AI - and connects to 100 readily available ML algorithms. Imagine!

Help Save the Planet

Yamanu apps run fast. Really fast. That means they need less resources. Save 50% - 75% of your server resources compared to regular applications.

Custom is the new Standard

Yamanu Apps are tailor-made to your needs. However, the underlying App Factory provides Standard Elements that create all other and your very own elements. With Yamanu, Custom is Standard, simply on a different level.


This is a big one, worldwide. Yamanu has several layers of security, that we certainly won't discuss here. Yes, it's a concern on many levels, and yes it has been addressed accordingly.